Being broke as a startup is normal. As you know, setting up a business consumes a large part of your capital which goes to the startup costs. With the growing digitalization in the USA and across the globe, running a brick and mortar store will only give you a feeble return. For you to maximize your profits, there’s no other option than going online entirely or operating a hybrid business version. However, you may not have the cash to pay for hosting fee, themes, and another online shop setting up costs.  If you are in this situation, do not worry. You can create an online store for free. For free? Yes. Here are 3 platforms you can use for this purpose:


Do you have a desire to sell products to your social media peers and followers? If so, Spreesy can be a nice idea. This platform enables you to convert your social pages to virtual selling points.  Spreesy maximizes the notion of engagement to turn your social followers into buyers. It does this through enabling you to develop viral marketing posts that keep your followers engaged.

With this, you can transform them to leads and later to customers. Another good thing about this platform is that you get a free listing. No monthly charges. However, they take a 3% commission on every sale which is not a bad idea.


If you feel Spreesy does not meet your needs, you can opt to Ecwind. This platform enables you to create an online store for free without any hurdles. Here, you neither need credit cards nor will you have to pay monthly charges. The advantage you get with this platform is that it realizes the need for transforming every customer contact point to a selling point. It does so by enabling you to add your Ecwind store on your online platforms such as social pages, blogs, and websites.

This way, you can efficiently manage your sales at a central platform. Also, the site enhances simplicity and responsiveness. You  can effectively set up your online store and start selling within the next 7 minutes. Isn’t this a good idea?


Maybe you are familiar with this free online store creation platform. If not, don’t worry, this information is for you. Square is a leading platform that allows you to create an online store for free. Though it is designed to enhance credit card processing, it is mindful of the startup challenges. Thus, it has excellent features to enable you to put your feet on the virtual selling. So, you can consider it too.