Building a wooing e-commerce website is a desire of every webpreneur. With it, you know you are one step ahead of your competitors and in achieving your business objectives. But creating one is not a breeze. You need a huge budget to hire a web developer and purchasing the top website templates in the market. However, if you are looking at starting a business in the US, thinking of a brick and mortar venture will be a lovely plan to failing.

Virtual business is the key to success in this country. Also, statistics confirm this. But what if you do not have the needed cash for establishing an e-commerce site, should you forfeit your dream? Certainly no. Here are 3 free e-commerce website builders to get your foot on the online selling world:


Do you love SaaS website builders? Well, if you have been dreaming of a free e-commerce website and building it using the open-source platform, Weebly has your back. This platform is designed for webpreneurs with a desire to succeed online. It comes with a pack of features that you need to get your foot on the e-commerce world.

The free e-commerce website builder has excellent customization features such as HTML and CMS. Also, it enables you to enhance your Google ranking by providing you with an array of SEO tools. Hence, this builder is an excellent deal for you as a starter.


Its not negotiatiable that Wix is the leader of the free website builders for e-commerce purposes. The platform has not achieved the throne with ease. It is due to the commitment of the developers in making it a platform to go for when you need a top-ranking e-commerce site. The platform comes with the drag and drop features to enable you to get a website and start selling within the next 5-10 minutes. Also, it has Google analytical and SEO tools to enhance your search engine position. If you need stable and reliable support, this is the best option.


Having existed in the online arena for more than 15 years, it is substantial evidence that Site123 is a reliable free e-commerce website builder. One unique thing about this builder is that you have an array of features that are essential for your site customization. For instance, you have an opportunity to tweak the templates to match your business preferences. Also, you will have access to several SEO tools, and your website will be ad-free as well as highly responsive. Wouldn’t this be a good idea?


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